Property and Casualty Rate Filings

Heading Definitions

  • Policy Holders: The number of policy holders that will be affected by the change.
  • Indicated: The company-provided indicated overall average percent of the rate change.
  • Actual: The actual Division-approved overall average percent of the rate change.
  • New Policy: The effective date of the new policy.
ARMED FORCES INSURANCE EXCHANGEHome Insurance Combinations17532.0513.4503-20-2023
AMICA MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations2,313-2-.0302-01-2023
AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations9,5818.02001-01-2023
LEMONADE INSURANCE COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations19,4110001-01-2023
USAA CASUALTY INSURANCE COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations10,0657.43.71511-21-2022
GARRISON PROPERTY AND CASUALTYHome Insurance Combinations3,6717.15.58711-21-2022
UNITED SERVICES AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATIONHome Insurance Combinations19,4387.72.32911-21-2022
USAA GENERAL INDEMNITY COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations10,9529.15.74511-21-2022
FIRE INSURANCE EXCHANGE FIRE UNDERWRITERS ASSOCIATIONHome Insurance Combinations29,5029.71.4711-13-2022
FARMERS INSURANCE EXCHANGEHome Insurance Combinations59,3219.712.24811-13-2022
TRUCK INSURANCE EXCHANGEHome Insurance Combinations3849.73.35111-13-2022
AMERICAN STRATEGIC INSURANCE CORPHome Insurance Combinations16,62414.4.73811-09-2022
AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE COMPANYHome Insurance Combinations9,5818.024.74211-01-2022
ACUITY A MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANYOwner-Occupied Home3015.7409-09-2022